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Place Notre Dame, 56120 Josselin, PONTIVY, France

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In 1351, during the Breton War of Succession, two groups of approximately 30 English knights (led by Robert Bramborough, the English captain of Ploërmel) and Franco-Breton knights (commanded by Jean de Beaumanoir, captain of Josselin) staged an arranged combat at a spot halfway between the Chateau de Josselin and Ploërmel. The Franco-Breton side eventually won after killing or capturing the English force, including Bramborough. This episode was later known as the Combat of the Thirty.

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Place Notre Dame
56120 Josselin,
District: PONTIVY, France

Tel: +33(0)2 97 22 24 17


JOSSELIN, Place Notre Dame, 56120 Josselin, District: PONTIVY, France

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