boulevard Montricher, 13004 Marseille - 4e Arrondissement · Quartier Cinq Avenues, MARSEILLE, France

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French-English Park

The eighteen-hectare garden features a large fountain, a canal with twenty-six fountains, and a long paved terrace, which was once a railroad platform. The park is located on the site of the Gare du Prado, a former railway station, built in the 1860s.
By the middle of the 20th century, the station was little used. The land was purchased by the city of Marseille in 1998. The city planted 6.500 bushes and 1.500 trees to decorate the park.

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boulevard Montricher
13004 Marseille - 4e Arrondissement · Quartier Cinq Avenues,
District: MARSEILLE, France

Tel: +33(0)4 91 55 25 51

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