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Plaça Espanya, 17256 Pals, LA BISBAL D'EMPORDÀ, Spain

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Charming Small Town

Pals is a medieval town in Catalonia.

Pals has a historic centre on a hill surrounded by plains with a medieval Romanesque tower built between the 11th and 13th centuries, known as the Torre de les Hores (Tower of the Hours). The Gothic Quarter of the town has been substantially restored and there are cobbled streets interrupted by semicircular arches, façades with pointed arched windows and stone balconies.

Sight - Nr. 3 ranked on the 6 Best Sights in the district LA BISBAL D'EMPORDÀ


Plaça Espanya
17256 Pals,
District: LA BISBAL D'EMPORDÀ, Spain


PALS, Plaça Espanya, 17256 Pals, District: LA BISBAL D'EMPORDÀ, Spain

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