About us

This is a guide to find all the best there is in life and travel.

The best hotels, the finest restaurants, extraordinary sights and cultural heritage, the nicest leisure accommodations and some regional discoveries such as exclusive shops, charming pubs or local specialties. Everything you need to know for a perfect getaway or luxurious day out. The guide is in full development aiming to cover entire Europe by 2021.

At this moment the following Countries are already covered in THE BELVICCI GUIDE : Belgium, France, Italy, and the most important European regions and capital cities.

Therefore Belvicci is equivalent to a 'library of guides'.

Specially designed for tablet usage, it's your fasted gateway to all the information in 5 categories (sights and culture, hotels, restaurants, leisure and discoveries) to plan a multi-day car holiday, a city trip or a lazy Sunday and this only in the palm of your hand.

Belvicci is not your regular yellow pages!

This guide stands for high quality experiences which means you will not find an average restaurant: only exclusive, charming, top level, secret discoveries or commonly acknowledged places will be included in the guide. No user generated content, but expert opinions only. And those can change over time. Just as good wine, also the Belvicci guides comes in yearly updated editions.

Belvicci is the digital version of a touristic 'guide'.

Despite the fact that it is on the internet we haven't conceived it as your average 'website'. It is all the more obvious and attractive when you use the guide on tablet, laptop, desktop. Tablet users have always been the target audience we had in mind when we first developed the guide. We pictured the tourist who arrives in Europe with the iPad in his hand, and navigates his way around hotels, restaurants and sights using the guide, which gives him all the information he needs conveniently grouped together. At this moment the guide is only available in English.

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If you would have suggestions, questions or opinions, we would appreciate it if you mail them to us: info@belvicci.com.