Annagasse 3b, 1010 Wien - Stephansdom, ,

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Historic Religious Building

The St. Anne's chapel existed since 1320. In 1518, the Gothic church was consecrated at the occasion of the St Anne's day. After a fire in 1747, Pozzo's pupil Christoph Tausch transformed it into late baroque using trompe l'oeil techniques. On 25 June 1747 lightning struck the tower of the church, burning down the roof framing but leaving intact the frescos. In 1751 Daniel Gran began the renovation of the interior,b lackened by candle smoke.

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Annagasse 3b
1010 Wien - Stephansdom,
District: ,

Tel: +43(0)1 512 47 97


ANNAKIRCHE, Annagasse 3b, 1010 Wien - Stephansdom, District: ,

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