Ruprechtsplatz, 1010 Wien - Bermudadreieck, INNERE STADT, Austria

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Religious Building

According to legend, it was founded by Cunald and Gisalrich, companions of Rupert during his occupation of the seat of bishop of Salzburg. However, because Salzburg had influence over religious issues in Vienna between 796 and 829, it is more probable that it was founded in this period. The first reference in historical documentation is in a document of 1200 when Duke Heinrich II Jasomirgott describes a gift to the Schottenstift church. The document also mentions the Ruprechtskirche, which is labeled the oldest in the city.

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1010 Wien - Bermudadreieck,
District: INNERE STADT, Austria

Tel: +43(0)1 535 60 03


RUPRECHTSKIRCHE, Ruprechtsplatz, 1010 Wien - Bermudadreieck, District: INNERE STADT, Austria

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