Zuidlaan, 9630 Zwalm, OUDENAARDE, Belgium

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The Zwalm Valley is located in the valley of the small river the Zwalm. Exceptional is that at a distance of less than 19 km the Zwalm an altitude difference of 60 m bridges; because of this, she has a lot of energy in itself.

Of this decline and this ensures flow was used by the old water mills. These so-called waterfalls of the Zwalm are very popular tourist with some walking and cycling routes.

Sight - Nr. 3 ranked on the 10 Best Sights in the district OUDENAARDE


9630 Zwalm,
District: OUDENAARDE, Belgium

Tel: +32(0)55 48 05 57


ZWALMVALLEI, Zuidlaan, 9630 Zwalm, District: OUDENAARDE, Belgium

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